Emerging technologies bring a new look to global e-Commerce landscape

The Belt & Road (B&R) Initiative, which involves 65 countries along six economic B&R corridors, has an impact on one-third of the global economy, and a population of about 4.4 billion people , is believed to bring upside opportunities for the TMT industry.

Disruptive megatrend technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), drones, Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing and blockchain, etc.. have been driving changes in business processes and creating new business models. 


  • Application of data analytics and other emerging technologies, such as AR, VR, drones and blockchain improve customer experience and products/service delivery, as well as enhance the payment and transaction models.
  • Mobile internet and social media escalate the convergence of online and offline channels, provide better customer reach and foster a fan-centric community.
  • Blockchain and fintech offer online and mobile payment gateways in a high-speed and secured model.
  • Big data analytics and digital advertising support the development of personalised marketing and product/service delivery approach.  It also broadens the new customer acquisition capabilities.

Since the B&R Initiative is one of the key priorities addressed in the 19th National Congress to foster economic development and to achieve comprehensive diplomatic arrangements, B&R countries have effectively opened up a platform for TMT companies to ride on these emerging technologies to expand their business operations, as well as to tap on these unprecedented markets.

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