Managing a food safety crisis in China

21 October 2014, Shanghai

Food scandals can have a significant economic impact on companies and they can also affect the lives of people. Product recalls are expensive, damage reputations and destroy consumer confidence. Food safety is a difficult issue to handle for food manufacturers and retailers because of long supply chain and the involvement of many different stakeholders.

Executives from Food and Beverage companies were invited by PwC China and AsureQuality, to attend a crisis simulation workshop, where topics included crisis management; challenges in responding and managing multiple sets of stakeholders were discussed.

Jennifer Ye and Leigh Farina from PwC China and Dean Nikora and Phil Thompson from AsureQuality were speakers in the workshop. They shared with the attendees with their view on megatrends impacting food security, availability and food safety, and also Food Trust value chain and some good examples in the industry. We expect the regulators will increase food quality and safety standards by promoting the adoption of more international food safety and quality standards throughout the food production cycle.

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