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PwC Hong Kong signs investment agreement with biotech and internet platform company Vitargent

29 June 2018, Hong Kong

PwC Hong Kong signs investment agreement with Vitargent, bringing together strengths of both companies to address challenges in food and consumer product safety across Greater China and beyond.

PwC Shares Insights at the China International Food Safety and Quality Conference

2 November 2017, Beijing

PwC joined the 11th annual China International Food Safety and Quality Conference (CIFSQ), held in Beijing on 1-2 November. The event brought over 900 industry leaders, regulators, and scientists from around the world to explore solutions to the most critical food safety challenges facing the industry today.

PwC China’s Brian Marterer addressed the conference on the topic of food safety culture. He explained the PwC Food Safety Culture Framework, which helps organisations to identify the organisational elements and specific behaviours that will make greatest impact on their food safety outcomes. He also shared the firm’s highly targeted approach to organisational culture change initiatives.

Food Safety Forum 2017

30 August 2017

GS1 Hong Kong hosted its Food Safety Forum 2017 at the Hong Kong Productivity Council HQ. The theme was "Food Brand Protection: Increasing Consumer Trust." Speakers included leaders from the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau as well as the founders of several exciting Hong Kong food and beverage companies that are disrupting traditional business models with innovation and technology.

Brian Marterer, a Senior Manager from PwC China's Food Supply and Integrity Services team, spoke about how companies can assess and mitigate their vulnerability to food fraud. He explained assessment frameworks based on modern criminology as well as the increasingly strict requirements from certification bodies and regulators.

PwC combines food industry expertise with capabilities in risk assessment, supplier management and internal controls to help companies develop their food fraud mitigation strategy and internal controls tailored to their specific vulnerabilities.

PwC enters cooperation with a major Chinese dairy company and three leading quality management organizations

15 June 2017, Shijiazhuang 

PwC and Junlebao, a major Chinese dairy company, are working with three of the world’s leading quality management organisations to improve food quality management systems. On June 15th, 2017 PwC and Junlebao signed a framework agreement with the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and Quality Austria (QA), a member of the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ), in Shijiazhuang, China. 

The objective of this cooperation is to enhance Junlebao’s quality management capabilities throughout the entire supply chain and manufacturing process. It will strengthen quality control by introducing the Total Quality Management (TQM) model in five areas: sourcing milk from dairy farms, supplier management, manufacturing facilities, testing systems and final quality assurance. 

The quality and safety of dairy products is important to both companies and consumers, and is a concern for every household. Contributing to a safe and reliable market environment for food products is one way that PwC aims to fulfil the PwC Purpose: ‘to solve important problems and build trust in society’. 

PwC shares insights on food fraud panel at "Future of Food" conference

24 May 2017, Shanghai 

On May 24th, 2017 Amcham Shanghai organised the "Future of Food" conference. PwC sponsored the event alongside leading companies such as Wal-Mart, Hormel, Swire Cold Chain and Smuckers. 

The conference examined the impact of product innovation, traceability and technology, food safety and fraud concerns, consumer marketing and new business models, and their future impact on both China’s food industry and consumers. 

During the forum, Brian Marterer, a Senior Manager from PwC China's Food Supply and Integrity Services team, spoke on a food fraud and compliance panel. Brian spoke about the differences between food fraud prevention and traditional food safety management, highlighting concepts from modern criminology. PwC can leverage its food industry expertise as well as its capabilities in risk assessment, supplier management and internal controls to help companies assess their food fraud vulnerability and develop a food fraud mitigation plan. 

Exploring China’s food industry development path: Food Supply and Integrity Services Investment Opportunities Seminar

11 April 2017, Beijing 

During the past few years, China’s food industry has undergone rapid transformation. Economic growth has created new food safety and quality challenges for both industry and regulators. On 11 April in Beijing, PwC China hosted the “Food Supply and Integrity Services Investment Opportunities Seminar”, hosting investors and industry leaders to discuss the challenges of food safety, quality control, risk forecasting, supply chain management, growth strategy and investment. 

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PwC briefs European Chamber in Shanghai on food fraud vulnerability assessment

17 February 2017, Shanghai 

On February 17th, PwC China's Brian Marterer spoke at the European Chamber in Shanghai about PwC's experience in assessing food fraud risks. He introduced the PwC/SSAFE Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Tool, which companies can download and use free of charge.

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PwC plays leadership role at the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference

2-3 November 2016, Shanghai 

On 2-3 November, PwC played a leadership role in discussions at the prestigious China International Food Safety & Quality Conference (CIFSQ) in Shanghai. Our team engaged with a large audience of Chinese and international food industry executives, government officials and leading scientists to fulfil PwC's purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems. 

PwC promotes Food Trust at high profile food safety conference in Beijing

11-12 July 2016, Beijing 

PwC was proud to support the fifth edition of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) China Focus Day in Beijing as a silver sponsor on 11-12 July. The conference gathered 395 delegates from throughout China and several Asia and Western countries. The delegates included a number of experts and representatives from associations, local companies and leading multinationals from the food sector such as COFCO, Cargill, McDonalds and Nestlé. 

The Focus Day was endorsed by key Chinese national agencies - CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) and CNCA (China Certification and Accreditation Administration). The conference programme was aligned with the GFSI's key priorities: continuous improvement in food safety standards, audits and capability building, ultimately enabling mutual recognition within the industry and improving consumer trust in the safety of food they serve their families on a daily basis. 

The unveiling ceremony of Mengniu Dairy’s first international food safety assurance standard for dairy farming

30 September 2015, Bengbu, Anhui 

PwC China and AsureQuality were invited to attend the unveiling ceremony of Mengniu Dairy’s first international food safety assurance standard for dairy farming, held in Bengbu Dairy Farm on the 30th of September. Development of the standard has involved cooperation between the governments of China and New Zealand, while AsureQuality and PwC China have provided professional expertise and technical support to align international best practices with China’s general dairy farming standard operating procedures.

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Sharing insights on traceability at the 2015 AmCham Food Safety & Innovation conference in Shanghai

28 May 2015, Shanghai 

On 28 May 2015, PwC China and AsureQuality jointly moderated a food tracking and traceability workshop during the AmCham Food Safety and innovation conference, which brought together approximately 150 food & beverage industry leaders, China Food & Drug Administration officials, and other key industry players. 

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PwC China signs food safety cooperation agreement with COFCO, AsureQuality and PwC New Zealand on the sidelines of the 2014 APEC Summit

10 November 2014, Beijing 

To further enhance China’s food safety, PwC China, PwC New Zealand, and New Zealand Government-owned AsureQuality cooperated with COFCO, China’s largest oil and food suppliers to sign a cooperation framework agreement on the sidelines of the 2014 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Beijing on 10 November 2014. The signing of the framework agreement was witnessed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Rt. Hon. John Key. 

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Managing a Food Safety Crisis in China

21 October 2014, Shanghai 

Executives from Food and Beverage companies were invited by PwC China and AsureQuality, to attend a crisis simulation workshop, where topics included crisis management; challenges in responding and managing multiple sets of stakeholders were discussed. 

Jennifer Ye and Leigh Farina from PwC China and Dean Nikora and Phil Thompson from AsureQuality were speakers in the workshop. They shared with the attendees with their view on megatrends impacting food security, availability and food safety, and also Food Trust value chain and some good examples in the industry. 

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China Food and Beverage Industry Summit

23-24 October 2014, Shanghai

Jennifer Ye, Johnny Yu, and Anita Peng of PwC China and Phil Thompson of AsureQuality spoke at the China Food and Beverage Industry Summit. 

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