Supervisory Policy Manual RE-1 Recovery Planning – Summary of changes at a glance

June 2020

The revised Supervisory Policy Manual (SPM) incorporated the application in proportionate manner and reflected the latest developments in related local and international standards and practices. These latest developments focused on diverse recovery options and recovery triggers, increased requirements relating to stress test and reverse stress testing and consideration of eligibility of central bank facilitates and group recovery plan in the banks’ recovery plan.

In order to revise your recovery plan, banks would need a stronger alignment with group entities, higher requirements on quantitative analyses and more robust consideration in recovery option. This publication spells out all the key recovery plan changes and respective implications that banks will need to address in their latest update of the plan.

Since 2015, PwC has helped various locally incorporated AIs in Hong Kong to develop their recovery plans. In 2017, we have further expanded our service coverage to help with smaller Authorised Institutions (AIs) including overseas branches in Hong Kong in developing recovery plans taking into considerations of our clients’ size and operations. With our local knowledge in recovery planning development as well as our latest proprietary tools that can be readily deployed to satisfy your analytical needs in recovery planning, please reach out to start a conversation today.

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