Global Fintech Report 2017

Dec 2016

What does FinTech mean to you – innovation, disruption, opportunity – or all of them? As an industry, Financial Services is facing sweeping technological changes that are profoundly impacting the way you do business. To keep pace with these changes, PwC is revisiting our inaugural FinTech report, with an updated report for 2017.

The report will include the results of a global survey that aims to assess the attitudes, trends, opportunities and threats associated with FinTech. The resulting report will examine:
  • The emergence and implications of technology in the global financial sector.
  • The explosive growth of the FinTech sector and the attitudes of banks, insurers and asset and wealth managers regarding FinTech, and insights from FinTechs themselves.
Please click here to access the survey, which will take only 20 minutes to complete.