Blurred lines: How FinTech is shaping financial services

Mar 2016

It is difficult to imagine a world without the Internet or mobile devices. They have become core elements of our lifestyle and have brought a high degree of disruption to virtually every area of business. The financial services (FS) industry is no exception; the digital revolution is transforming the way customers access financial products and services.

Although the sector has experienced a degree of change in recent years, the constant penetration of technology-driven applications in nearly every segment of FS is something new. At the intersection of finance and technology lies a phenomenon that has been accelerating the pace of change at a remarkable rate and is reshaping the industry’s status quo — it is called FinTech.

The insights shared in this report are based on a unique and comprehensive global survey of over 500 senior FS and FinTech executives from 46 countries, looking at the current and emerging trends in FinTech. We complemented the study with our own insight and analysis into why FinTech is disruptive and how different organisations can and should respond to its challenges.


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