19th Annual Global CEO Survey Key findings in the insurance sector

Feb 2016

Seizing the future

101 insurance CEOs in 43 countries participated in our 19th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Like many industries, insurance is grappling with rapid technological change, shifts in customer behaviour, and growing competition from new market entrants. However, change offers huge opportunities. Other industries will be looking to insurers to help manage increasingly complex and uncertain business and geopolitical risks. To capitalise on these opportunities, insurers need to embrace new ways of working, novel ways of interacting with customers, and alternatives to traditional products and services.

Key findings include:

  • Disruption spawns both threats and opportunities: 65% of insurance CEOs see more threats to growth than three years ago, but 54% see more growth opportunities
  • Insurance is one of the most disrupted sectors, in which CEOs see significant threats to growth from over-regulation, speed of technological change, shift in consumer spending and behaviour and new market entrants
  • 64% of insurance CEOs are changing the way they define and manage risk in the face of significant changes in their own and their clients' risk profiles - cyber risk and geopolotical risk being high on list of concerns

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