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Structuring and start up

You need professional advisers who have extensive experience in advising similar organisations and individuals in structuring, establishing and operating investment funds products, as applicable to your business operations. Our partners and managers possess the practical experience as well as the technical expertise to provide responsive, timely and value-added advice to you as you grow.
Our services are "menu" based enabling clients to select the services that will best achieve their objectives. Our menu of services includes:

  • Advising on all aspects of applications for regulatory authorisation for the investment adviser and for the fund product and advising on the compliance structure;
  • Assisting in the selection of service providers e.g. prime broker, fund administrator, transfer agent, listing sponsor, etc; we can introduce you to, and act as a liaison with, the service providers;
  • Providing assistance regarding the choice of an appropriate domicile and organisational structure to meet your business and tax objectives. This relates both to the investment adviser and the funds themselves. Advice on structure includes umbrella, master/feeder, corporate, limited partnership and other structures;
  • Co-ordinating the establishment of the fund, liaising throughout with you and the service providers selected;
  • Co-ordinating the listing of the shares of the fund, as applicable;
  • Advising on the structuring of the fund, the tax position of investors, the fund, the fund manager and investment advisor and personal tax planning for the investment adviser's principals, senior executives and other employees;
  • Assisting with performance fee structuring and associated accounting issues;
  • Advising on initial human resources issues, including executive selection and advice on tax efficient remuneration packages;
  • Advising an inter-territory pricing;
  • Leveraging our considerable experiences with accounting software and third-party administrators to provide a strategically sound vendor evaluation framework and a knowledge base from which "build versus-buy" decisions can be effectively made;
  • Providing assistance in determining your information technology needs and helping you implement such technology;
  • Designing a record-keeping and reporting process to accomplish your specific needs and objectives and to meet the needs of demanding high-net-worth and institutional investors (e.g. K1 tax forms);
  • Reviewing or implementing risk management and operational processes and systems;
  • Assistance with design of procedures and compliance manuals;
  • Identifying, documenting or assessing regulatory compliance policies and procedures for registered advisers.

We can bring significant value to our clients in the start-up phase, when they are establishing an independent advisory company and related investment fund products.  We have extensive expertise in advising on structuring complex investment products for the full range of target investors. We co-ordinate closely with our offices in all relevant jurisdictions to ensure that both local and cross-border matters are addressed.

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Hong Kong Asset and Wealth Management Leader

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