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Managing risk

Understanding, identifying, and controlling risk - operational, financial, or regulatory - are critical success factors for fund managers operating in today's complex and sophisticated business environment.  Effectively managing the risks inherent to your business enables you to more confidently achieve critical business objectives, while controlling sources of potential volatility and providing opportunities to better leverage your organisation's core competencies.
We have developed a global practice of risk management professionals, to help you identify and manage risk. In this regard, we have developed an approach to risk management - ORCA - that is focused on the achievement of business objectives.

  • Objectives - define and prioritise business objectives
  • Risks - refine and prioritise risks
  • Controls - identify and assess controls
  • Alignment - controls effectively manage the significant risks that could prevent the organisation from achieving its objectives.

Working collaboratively with clients, this approach has been used to address risk management issues related to a single business process and an entire organisation.
When applied rigorously, this approach invariably results in the organisation having a clearer focus on both the nature of the relevant issues and the most effective risk management solution.  Moreover, the collaborative nature of this approach increases the likelihood of long-term risk management success after the completion of the project.
Our Risk assurance group which includes those areas listed below, is structured with professionals focused on areas designed to address critical management perspectives to assist clients assess and improve their risk profile - and create value.

  • Helping asset managers respond to current and emerging risks
  • Strategic risk services
  • Operational and systems risk management
  • Financial risk management
  • Compliance risk management
  • Internal audit services

RCS's world-wide organisation of more than 6,000 risk management professionals stands ready to assist you in addressing your critical risk management issues.  Our experience has demonstrated that, without exception, appropriate controls cost less and work more efficiently when built into business processes, rather than added later as separate systems.  We can help you design and implement internal control systems to manage and control risk effectively.

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