Beyond automated advice: How FinTech is shaping asset & wealth management

Sep 2016 

The 2016 PwC Global FinTech Survey gathered the views of 544 respondents from 46 countries, principally Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Heads of Innovation, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and top management involved in digital and technological transformation, distributed among five regions.

Participants in PwC's global FinTech survey view asset and wealth management (AWM) as the third most likely field to be disrupted (35%), while 60% of asset and wealth managers think that at least part of their business is at risk to FinTech - lower than most other financial sectors. By being too complacent, investing mainly in self-serving automation and ignoring the imminent technological revolution, asset and wealth managers might lose touch with their core clients. Additionally, they might miss the opportunity, already tapped by FinTechs, to win the mass affluent market. Keeping abreast with how FinTech is reshaping the industry seems like the most reasonable way forward.

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