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Webinar: Payroll Compliance and Employment Tax filing obligations on streamlining business

Our recent webinar “Payroll compliance and employment tax filing obligations on streamlining business” conducted on 16 December 2020 was warm welcome by the audiences who have an interest in knowing how to streamline the corporate structures so as to maximise cost savings, improve overall efficiency, and allow businesses to continue to thrive in an increasingly hostile and uncertain global economy.

During the webinar, we have shared with the audiences some considerations on payroll compliance, as well as employment tax filing obligations as a result of group restructuring. The topics that have been covered include:

  • Key considerations in handling employee and payroll calculations under various group restructuring models
  • Potential non-compliance risk in handling the employment tax filing following the restructuring
  • Key considerations in determining proper employment tax reporting for contractors /self-employed individuals

If you would like to hear what we have shared in this webinar, please feel free to register online.



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