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Welcome remarks


Keynote speech by Sir C K Chow


Panel 1: Innovation and the future of financial advice

The global impact of technology is increasing and game-changers are poised to enter the AWM industry in the next few years. Developments such as technology companies entering the fund space, new asset classes (e.g. cryptocurrency, ICOs, etc.), the maturing of Distributed Ledger Technology (e.g. Blockchain) and the greater use of robo-advisors are all on the cusp of entering the AWM space and having a massive impact on the industry. 

Our technologically expert panelists will discuss how innovation and technology are expected to impact the AWM industry and how asset managers should formulate their strategy to best capture the opportunities they will present and address accompanying challenges.


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Panel 2: Regulations in the brave new world of AWM

As Asset Managers move centre stage, regulators are increasingly focussing more on asset managers, scrutinizing their culture, their interactions with customers and their effectiveness in implementing required regulatory changes. Furthermore, government agreements for sharing information to combat tax avoidance and cyber risk add even greater complexities for the industry to grapple with. Hear from a panel of experts of what is expected from the industry both locally and globally and how the industry can best position itself to narrow the expectation gap among the stakeholders. 


Debate session: The role of asset and wealth managers in a brave new world - Expectations of stakeholders beyond managing assets

The coming years will bring the industry higher volumes of assets than ever before and this confers a responsibility on firms to manage these assets to the best of their collective ability. Asset managers must clearly outline their value proposition to customers while being fully transparent over fees and costs. They must both create positive social impact and deliver the message that they are a force for good to investors and policymakers. However they often find themselves caught in the middle of industry game changers which can have competing goals, for example: the desire of some investors to invest ethically without sacrificing returns. 

Panelists will debate whether asset managers are ready, willing and able to be game changers to assume all the expectations of them as they move centre stage.


Networking break


Luncheon with guest speaker followed by closing address

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