Susan Ju

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Susan is the leader of PwC's Worldtrade Management Services (WMS) practice of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region. 

Susan has over 15 years of customs and trade experience with PwC. After years of service in South China and Hong Kong, she was transferred to Beijing in 2009. She has both technical knowledge and hands-on experience related to China Customs regulations and customs practices nationwide. 

Susan has worked with many major multinationals and nationals on customs subject matters covering business models study from customs perspectives, guidance to customs valuation and tariff classification, duty exemption scheme analysis, customs implications of re-structuring in terms of cost saving and practical risks, foreign exchange payment and collection in relation to trade, and technical support in post clearance customs audit. 

Prior to joining PwC, Susan worked in the General Administration Customs (GAC) in Beijing as a senior officer for more than 10 years. Susan has maintained strong relationships and connections with both GAC and local Customs offices. Through her long service with government, Susan has gained extensive knowledge and experience in understanding and interpretation of Customs regulations and local practice. 

Susan obtained her Master and Ph.D degree in Leeds University, UK.