Eric Young

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Eric has experience in leading large complex engagements for multinational organizations.  He has worked on the ground in over 10 different countries and has led teams working in various other global locations. Prior joining PwC, Eric led the Greater China Forensic Technology from other big 4.  Eric led the Forensic technology in data analytics team to developed and customized compliance and anti-fraud solutions and system implementations in Greater China.  

Eric’s range of experience includes conducting Sentiment Analysis, network analysis, Machine Learning, voice to text technologies, Natural Language processing, A.I and data mining in structured data and unstructured data ( E-communication data and voice).  Eric has also leveraging statistical scoring to minimize false positive alerts in compliance, risk and increasing business value initiatives by leveraging unstructured data to boost up the potential prediction of fraudulent and behavior activities.

Eric’s experience also includes financial system implementation for retail, corporate, compliance and operations. Eric has lead the system implementations and analytics modelers team from FICO China and Moody’s Analytics Hong Kong to develop new retail and corporate credit risk strategies by using customized scoring models in the insufficient/poor quality data environment.  Advice and assisting client in credit risk data collection process, re-engineered application data collection process and utilized 3rd party data to boost up the prediction power of the models. 

Eric has experience in ETL, database programming, Oracle ERP, and Oracle data warehouse implementation experience while he was at Oracle in US.  He has implemented oracle solutions across various industry in US including logistics, telco, and e-commerce.   

With respect to certain recent assignments, Eric has conducted proactive compliance/fraud risk assessments and surveillance monitoring solutions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea and has worked with managements to develop on going monitoring plans to enhance their compliance and monitoring programs across the globe.   

Eric is fluent in Mandarin, and English. He has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree and MBA.