Andrew Watkins

China and Hong Kong Technology and Disruption Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Andrew Watkins is the Chief Technology & Disruption Officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers in China/Hong Kong, responsible for driving the identification and commercialisation of new digital and technology based businesses - helping the firm to adopt a business strategy that is optimised for the digital age and to find ways to not only manage disruption, but lead it.

Andrew previously served as the China/HK Consulting CEO, a member of the Global Consulting Leadership Team and the China/HK Advisory Leadership Team. Prior to that he was the Asia-Pacific Risk Assurance Leader, the China/HK Risk Assurance Leader and a member of the China/HK Assurance Leadership Team. 

A microelectronics engineer and IT consultant by background, Andrew moved from the UK to Hong Kong in 1995. With more than 26 years of professional services experience, Andrew has worked with a wide range of companies and organisations in Hong Kong, China and across Asia-Pacific. 

In 2006, Andrew was appointed to lead the Risk Assurance business and under his leadership the practice tripled in size and profitability in less than five years. In 2012, Andrew was appointed to the Consulting Leadership role and under his leadership the business doubled in size, helping the firm's clients to solve their most important problems from strategy through execution. Andrew also drove rapid growth in the business’s capabilities in a number of high value areas that are important to the development of the China market, including Digital, Analytics, Strategy (inc leading the China integration of Booz & Co), Healthcare, Sustainability and Cyber Security. 

In early 2016, following the acquisition of Fluid, an award winning Digital Agency, the business launched three Experience Centres in HK, Shanghai and Beijing - bringing together the creative power of the best of agency with the scale and execution ability of the best of consulting. 

Andrew was appointed to his new role on the China/HK Management Board on 1 July 2016.