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When it comes to achieving the most, you'll need the support and especially the opportunities to make things happen – and we're right behind you all the way.

Be the best

On average, an associate received 206 hours of training in their first year with us
We invest over 1.6M hours in developing our people

Learning is a life-long journey. In addition to the many structured learning and development programmes and courses available to help you grow and work towards your professional qualifications, you’ll also interact closely with leaders, coaches and colleagues on a daily basis, working together on a variety of projects where you'll put into practice what you've learned and regularly benefit from informal coaching and guidance.

As an associate, you'll receive more than 200 hours of training within your first year of joining the firm. To offer a better idea of our commitment to training across our network, we invested over 1.6 million hours firm-wide on developing our people in FY16, with a variety of different classroom and training modules available.


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"There is a Chinese saying, 'mentors can open doors for you, but the rest is up to you'. As the world's largest professional services firm with a long-established history, PwC has developed a comprehensive learning and development system. Therefore if you want to be your best, please come and join us - so that you are on the best platform, working with the best group of people, so that you can be your best, and be the best you. "

-- Roger Liu, Partner, Deals


"During the process of making music, I have meet many interesting and gifted people. When getting together with them, I can create great melodies using the music style that I like and perform on the best stage. PwC is a platform which brings out the talent in everyone, letting us apply our strengths and makes every day richer and more colourful."

-- Raymond Gu, Associate, Tax

Find the right balance


At PwC, we believe you can only be at your best if you find the balance between work and life. We understand that this balance is unique to every individual and that’s why there are varied ways to help you find the right balance. Social activity groups, corporate responsibility opportunities, study leaves and even career breaks are a number of ways in which we provide support to both your professional and personal interests.

Investing in your future


At PwC, we recognise that your career progression depends as much on having the right opportunities and getting professional qualifications as it does on your performance. That’s why throughout your career with us, we offer you technical and non-technical learning and development opportunities at the right time to help you find your passion and realise your aspirations.

Angel Lai

Associate - Deals

Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals

"PwC offers an unrivalled training ground where I can add value, and be valued. Even though it’s only my first year at PwC, I’m constantly building my technical skills through structured training. I’ve taken courses on investigation interviewing, cross-border insolvency and banking products, my favourite being investigation interviewing, where I was able to use these interviewing skills in real life.

I've also received training to prepare me for the HKICPA Qualification Programme, which is crucial to my career. PwC really invests heavily in us, enabling us to grow and develop our potential."


Fred Lee

Senior Consultant - Tax

Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals

"My partners and managers gave me a lot of guidance and opportunity to develop myself throughout these four years, even nominating me to participate in a transfer pricing training course held in Sydney in early 2015. I met tax and transfer pricing professionals from other PwC firms around the world and learnt more about the tax environment in other countries – for example how other PwC firms identify potential tax and transfer pricing risks and advise on mitigating financial and operational risk. Whether in Sydney, Hong Kong or elsewhere, our professional judgment affects how our clients operate globally."


Henry Mao

Manager - Assurance

Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals

"I joined PwC in 2009 as an associate based in Beijing, now on a two-year secondment in San Jose, PwC US, where Beijing still supports me, ensuring the opportunity is beneficial to my development and my career is on track. One of my proudest PwC moments was being a 'future partner in 2025' at Future of Assurance (FoA) events in 2014, attended by thousands of partners and colleagues across China. I worked directly with and was inspired by our senior business leaders, building my confidence and helping me face the new challenges of working and living abroad.”


James Cutchin

Associate - Consulting

Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals
Angel LaiAssociate - Deals

"I joined the PwC Consulting Foundation for the Future (FftF) programme in 2014, giving me the opportunity to explore the types of consulting work I want. While available projects depend on the needs of the business, FftF associates can usually try different types of consulting to determine which we are most passionate about. Few jobs offer the opportunity to constantly push your limits, develop yourself, and take control of your career as much as consulting at PwC. While the workload and often ambiguous nature of work can be challenging, it prepares you to choose and build the future you want."

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