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Be a game-changer

Are you our future TALENT?

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate due to factors such as technological breakthroughs, globalisation, climate change and rapid urbanisation. As China’s economy continues to rapidly develop, are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that will arise? Are you our talent of the future?

The academic choices you make and the different experiences you gain through additional courses, social activities, volunteer programmes, global exchanges, internships, etc. all help to get your career off to a fantastic start.

If you’re considering what knowledge, skills and experience you want to gain over the next 4 years at university to help give your career the best start possible, then come and talk to us about LEAP.

About LEAP

LEAP is a student owned club that we have specially designed to help you prepare for your future. With creativity, relationships, problem solving, insight, agility and leadership at the core of our LEAP programme, we offer you the opportunity to develop the personal and professional skills you need for your future career.

How does LEAP work

PwC is a people business; we value your ‘human difference’. If you become a ‘LEAPer’, you will…

  • Learn about PwC and match your curiosity and passion with inspiring opportunities to contribute to society.
  • Explore a diverse and inclusive culture that puts people first, enabling you to grow, develop and achieve more”
  • Advance your learning as you develop ‘fit for the future’ skills to help you prepare for the workplace of the future.
  • PwC offers you a ‘game-changer’ experience where people and technology thrive together, to accomplish more than they could apart.

As a LEAPer you’ll also be invited to join us for a variety of different leadership and business training events and workshops, and have your own professional career mentor to help you realise your potential.

As you meet with other LEAPers from different regions and universities, you will get to build up your personal network, learn and have fun. You may also get the chance to be a real life game-changer by helping us to design our campus recruitment activities and initiatives to promote our PwC brand!

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Target audience

We are looking for year 1 and 2 bachelor students from all over Mainland China and Hong Kong who are passionate and determined about joining us to make a difference and create an impact.

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Application timeline

Online Application | March 20th – April 12th, 2019

Coffee Talk | Mid to End of April, 2019

LEAP Day | End of April to Early of May, 2019

Result Announcement | Before End of May, 2019

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