Growing at PwC

At PwC, you can build a career of your choice, the opportunities to grow and explore are endless.

Your career path

What PwC has to offer is not just a job, but the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ll provide the training, coaching and experiences that allow you to build relationships and take advantage of career opportunities. At PwC, you'll develop into a well-rounded professional and become the clients’ trusted business advisor – helping them solve their most important problems.

You'll be able to grow and develop as an authentic and inclusive leader who inspires others and can lead clients, teams and others through change. You'll gain a combination of strong, relevant, and insightful business acumen and technical capabilities, with a keen awareness of the drivers and issues that influence the global landscape. You'll also create and maintain authentic trusted-based relationships of value as we lead and influence others, whether with our clients, stakeholders, or communities.

Every career path is different, that’s why we help you design your own. Below are the roles in which you'll learn and develop as you progress through the different career stages at PwC:

- Learn how business works and how you can add value to clients
- Develop your core professional skills and knowledge, working towards your professional qualification
- Start building lasting relationships with colleagues and clients that will stay with you for life

Senior Associate
- Obtain your professional qualification
- Help your clients solve their problems through applying your professional expertise and understanding of their business
- Coach and develop the more junior members of your team to help them succeed in their daily work

Manager / Senior Manager
- Analyse and solve complex issues, developing apt solutions and recommendations
- Identify and promote new ideas and services by applying a combination of industry knowledge and professional expertise
- Lead and coach teams to help them achieve their personal and professional goals

Director / Partner
- Be regarded as one of the best subject matter experts in the market with breadth and depth of skills
- Advise and work with your clients to solve their most complex business issues
- Lead and grow teams, acting as a role model for your junior staff

Career journey

I was born and raised in a small town near Suzhou, from a hard-working but simple family. When studying in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, I dreamed of working in an international accounting firm. By the time I graduated in 1993, I successfully joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP as one of the first locally recruited classes of professionals in Shanghai, along with two of my university friends. At that time, we never thought that in over 20 years, PwC would develop into such a large scale in China. We grew together with the firm, and are all still with the firm as partners today.

People often ask me why I have stayed with PwC, I tell them it is because PwC provides me with an extraordinary platform for professional growth. PwC is a place where elites gather, cultivating the passion for working and the heart for growing. I am also able to interact with top-tier companies around the world, being able to enjoy conversations and information exchanges with them. Also, I make use of my professional knowledge to contribute to the society through solving important problems and building trust in it.

In 1997, I was offered a two years’ secondment opportunity to the St. Louis office in PwC US. The differences in economic environment, working mode and cultural atmosphere not only broadened my horizons and enabled me to take on challenges positively, but also cultivated my ability to quickly fit in with different positions and environments.

My most exciting moment at PwC was taking up the role of engagement lead partner for a yearly audit project on a leading oil and gas company in Beijing in 2010. I was still a very young partner back then and leading such a significant project was both an honour and a challenge. This also shows that PwC deploys talent in a bold yet dynamic way. I had to relocate to Beijing to fully commit and lead this significant engagement. Needless to say, I was constantly challenged to step out of my comfort zone, but the hard work paid off as we delivered value to the client and gained their trust.

For more than 20 years, PwC has provided a platform for me to gain exposure to numerous excellent MNCs, POEs and SOEs, helping them in areas of inbound, outbound, mergers and acquisition and IPOs. The opportunities for us to grow are truly endless here. For instance, I was arranged to study in Harvard Business School in America and later in INSEAD to learn about leadership and strategic enterprise management.

As one of the new generation of professionals after China's reform and development, I always take it my personal mission to contribute back. I have been invited to actively participate in the establishment of Chinese CPA Professional Standards System and its international convergence; also, through my current roles with public bodies such as the Ministry of Finance, Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA), China Association for Public Companies, Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and other institutions, I strive to offer advice and suggestions and make contributions to Chinese CPA profession, national economic governance and development with my professional knowledge and experience. At the end of 2015, I was honoured to be named as one of the “National Advanced Accounting Professionals” by the Ministry of Finance, being the only professional from a Big Four firm to receive this honour.

If there’s one career advice I could give to graduates today, I hope that everyone will do what I did - to make good use the PwC platform and to work hard - and the opportunity of a lifetime will be waiting for you.

Daniel Li

PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP

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