PwC Foundation

The PwC Foundation provides a channel for the firm and our people to donate to good causes. The majority of our firm’s donations go to our key NGO partners and staff-led volunteering and fundraising events. Our partners and staff give generously every year, and contribute through fundraising events to further support the NGOs of their choice. This year, we also continue to donate second hand laptops, and provide our meeting facilities to NGOs, which is a valued part of our in-kind giving.
USD 718,849

PwC funding for key NGO partners and volunteering programmes

USD 16,475

In-kind donations, including used laptops and office facilities

USD 951,286

Donations from staff and partners

Total of
USD 1,686,610
donated in FY16
PwC Foundation funded staff-initiated volunteering

We support volunteering activities that involve our people, and by using our skills, time or resources we bring positive impact to the community. The programme themes for staff-initiated volunteering are not limited to our community engagement focus areas – capacity building and youth education. So we have seen a broad range of causes supported by our staff who have a particular interest or connection to these charities.

In FY16, the PwC Foundation funded 64 staff-initiated volunteering events creating 1,941 volunteering opportunities for our staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 3,045 volunteers! Below are some activity highlights:

PwC Volunteers in Beijing accompany disadvantaged children to a concert
Key NGO partners

PwC has developed strategic partnerships with local NGOs, focusing on education and capacity building as key themes. These well-established partnerships provide multiple opportunities to collaborate in ways which are most meaningful and beneficial to all – through hands on volunteering, skills based volunteering, fundraising initiatives, pro bono and capacity building engagements.

We also work together with many other local NGOs as part of our PwC Foundation funded, and staff-initiated, community volunteering activities.
Chunhui Children's Foundation

Chunhui Children's Foundation is the sister Foundation of Half the Sky Foundation (Now called One Sky), which PwC has supported since 2008 and is a major sponsor for its Youth Services Programme to help orphaned youth. We give our support through funding, volunteering and providing professional services.

Chunhui Children provides model programs and caregiver training to enrich the lives of orphaned children and youth in China. In addition to funding, PwC offers pro bono services in strategic people planning, internal controls and tax advisory to Chunhui Children's Foundation.

Vibrant Communities

Since 2006, Vibrant Communities (formerly called INCLUDED) has been doing essential work with migrant children and their families, particularly in the crowded margins of big cities, to break down barriers of informality and instability that deny migrants access to the wider opportunities and services of their cities. PwC’s partnership with Vibrant Communities funds its educational programmes and provides volunteers to help bring equal opportunities to migrant children and their families.

TREATS focuses on social inclusion and integration for all, especially children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, by promoting understanding, acceptance, equal participation and embracing differences. PwC provides funding and volunteer support for a range of experiential learning, play and recreational activities which enhance self-esteem and life skills for the children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Yao Foundation

Established by well-known basketball player Yao Ming in response to the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the Yao Foundation helps to rebuild earthquake resistant schools and organise annual basketball training programmes and games for Hope School students to enrich children’s curriculum. PwC supports its school rebuild programme and its annual Yao Foundation Hope School basketball game through funding and volunteering.
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