Engaging our people

Employee participation is critical to minimising the direct negative impacts of our business, and by pro-actively engaging our people in environmentally responsible behaviours, we can play a part in influencing individual actions inside and out of the office.
Green Week
Each year we celebrate Green Week at PwC China and Hong Kong with a week full of fun packed of engaging activities in the lead up to Earth Hour. In 2016 we had our biggest and best Green Week yet where we engage colleagues from all offices across China and Hong Kong. In addition to our daily communications from our Chairman and senior leaders about the importance of sustainability and other fun activities, we invited a number of guest speakers such as Green Monday, and our very own Food Security and Integrity Services to talk about food security and sustainable food sources as well as other sustainability/ environmental knowledge that could help us make a difference on a personal level and equip us with knowledge to help us add value to clients through our services.

Eco-markets took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong for the second time, bringing together a range of sustainable, organic and eco-friendly vendors within PwC offices. Participants browsed, taste-tested, learned about and purchased items including organic produce, fair-trade food and drinks, recycled and upcycled goods, biodynamic wines and natural skin-care and cleaning products.

Through our eco-markets we engaged over 1,200 staff and partners to promote environmentally responsible behaviours.
PwC's Forest

Green Week also signals the start of our annual flagship environmental volunteering initiative, PwC's Forest. This year 16 volunteering events were held, with 795 of our people planting trees in 14 different locations in China and Hong Kong.

PwC Think Green Fund

The Think Green Fund is a way for individuals to voluntarily contribute to environmental protection. Through the Think Green Fund, we provide an opportunity for managers and above to make donations to balance their carbon footprint from work-related air travel. All donations to the Think Green Fund are matched by the firm, and over HK$450,000 has been raised to date. Funds raised so far have been directed to plant trees in China and Hong Kong, and for the following projects:

Netspring Green IT Classroom - China

Netspring is a social enterprise that collects used laptops and PCs, refurbishes them and distributes them to schools in disadvantaged areas around China which have little or no IT infrastructure. They also provide software, training for teachers, student workshops and technical support for three years. PwC has sponsored two primary schools of XinCin Tang DongFeng Hong, located in the countryside around Nanchang, near Chongqing. Volunteers attended the schools, interacting with the students and sharing their IT skills and knowledge. This partnership helps to reduce e-waste, promote reusing, and provide valuable IT tools to those in need.

Urban Rooftop Farm - Hong Kong

Our rooftop farm is installed and producing excellent crops at our Manulife Financial Centre location in Hong Kong, in partnership with Rooftop Republic. Our dedicated staff volunteers care for the vegetable plots on a daily basis.

With over 95% of Hong Kong’s total food supply imported, urban farming can contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, bringing a range of benefits to the environment. Food is grown organically, without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and fresh food can be distributed from farm to table, reducing negative impacts from transport, processing and packaging.
Efficiency in our buildings

Being an office based business, electricity consumption makes up a large portion of our total GHG emissions profile. We are committed to continually exploring ways to make our operations more energy efficient. During FY2015 we continued to roll out a new fleet of laptops with greater energy efficiency, and replaced printers in our China locations with a smaller number of energy efficient multi-function devices. Other technology infrastructure improvements include consolidated IT servers and greater use of cloud technology.

Our new premises in Shanghai also carry a lot of environmentally friendly features, and we have achieved LEED Gold Standard certification for each of the floors we now occupy at 3 Corporate Avenue, Shanghai. Some of the advanced features include:
  • air-conditioning with automated filtering and air purification system
  • work-space indoor air quality monitored by Well Accredited Air Quality Consultants, and results displayed in the office and our online portal. Indoor air-quality results are consistently under the China standard for PM2.5 and significantly better than the air quality reported outdoors.
  • Carpet and furniture products have been produced according to LEED Gold Standard Certification
  • Plants have been placed throughout office space
  • Water filtering system makes tap water potable
  • LED lights throughout to reduce energy consumption from lighting

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