Education programmes

Many of our community engagement initiatives support education related programmes. In particular our key strategic NGO partnerships focus on migrant and left-behind children, as well as other minority groups that may experience disadvantage or inequality in accessing education. Wherever possible we promote the use of our skills when supporting education related programmes in the community.

In FY16, we continued to organise two major educational programmes: Rural School Volunteer Programme (RSVP), and programmes for migrant children. The RSVP programme recruits PwC volunteers, travelling to targeted schools for one week, using their experiences and skills to bring new knowledge, and most importantly new horizon of the outside world to left-behind children at the schools in remote areas of China, etc.

In our migrant children programmes, PwC volunteers accompany migrant children through outdoor field trips or indoor extra-curricular activities, to help them engage in the local community, as well as to broaden their horizons and build up self-confidence.

Quotes from participants

"I am so blessed to have such an opportunity to join in an activity like this. PwC is taking responsibility in community, and this activity evokes our inspiration to take our responsibilities in the community."

(2015 Vibrant Communities Shanghai Summer Camp)

- Jessie X Sun, Assurance - Qingdao

"I thought this was a really meaningful activity. Looking forward to the next! Seeing how happy the children were when we took them on the visit was a joyful experience for me."

(2015 Field trip with migrant children to Guangdong Science Center)

- Jessica TJ Peng, Assurance - Guangzhou

"Getting to know my colleagues better and enjoying the scenery around in Shanghai was a great experience. I hope everybody can join this kind of social activity. We should do what we can and help more people in need!"

(2016 Shanghai "Egg" Walkathon)

- Bryan Wei, Assurance - Shanghai

I enjoyed the voluntary event of making moon cakes with children. This brought joy to them and they could share the self-made moon cakes with their family to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

(2015 Snow skin mooncake workshop with YMCA kids)

- Natalie PK Lam, Tax/Private Client Services - Hong Kong

"This was a great experience with secondary students. I was happy to see their behaviour change and an improvement in their social communication skills after a series of workshops."

(2015 Together in Green Life Style - Maker Faire Day 2)

- Tracy PL Lee, Tax - Hong Kong

"When we left the school, the children in Grade 3 cried hard as they had bonded with the teachers. I think English have rooted in some of them. …After class, we talked and shared problems we confronted during teaching and worked together to solve them. I knew colleagues and made friends with them during the week in Henan. It is an amazing experience. I taught and I learned. I think I will take another chance to join."

(2016 Henan RSVP trip)

- Jane J Shen, Assurance– Beijing

"Great volunteering experience with lots of fun!”…“I learned about Hutongs and interacted with migrant children. That was a great experience for cultural immersion in local Beijing culture!"

(2015 Hutong Treasure Hunt)

- Kevin Leng, Advisory - Shenzhen

"Collaboration…Wonderful…This is a fantastic activity and I'm honoured to be part of it. It has brought a lot to me as being a judge."

(Become a 2016 Enactus Competition Judge)

- Venson Cheng, Shared Delivery Centre - Chengdu

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