Diversity and inclusion

Total workforce headcount by region and gender as at 30 June 2016

City Male Female
Beijing 1161 2449
Chengdu 109 576
Chongqing 40 34
Dalian 26 93
Guangzhou 276 546
Hangzhou 20 40
Hong Kong 1670 2209
Macau 16 40
Nanjing 15 35
Ningbo 10 17
Qingdao 54 111
Shanghai 1515 2560
Shenyang 2 9
Shenzhen 246 537
Suzhou 26 64
Tianjin 68 154
Wuhan 15 24
Xiamen 17 24
Xi'an 16 50
Total 5302 9572
In a marketplace without boundaries, diversity is a key driver for PwC’s business and leading market position in China and Hong Kong. Diversity and inclusion is a strategic business priority because talent diversity is a source of PwC’s market differentiation and competitiveness. We believe the best innovations come from diverse thinking, that is why our people agenda focuses on attracting and retaining the best talent from the widest range of profiles globally.

We believe diverse talent and teams working together make better decisions and strengthen the delivery of our client promise in the PwC Experience – it is the combination of different perspectives, insights and skills that help us better understand clients’ changing needs and create value that is relevant to an evolving business climate.

We embrace diversity and celebrate the unique qualities, differences and similarities among talent. We believe our quality of talent diversity has a direct impact on PwC’s purpose which is to build trust in society and to solve important problems. The richer our talent diversity, the wider the approach and coverage we have to positively impact world issues.

The success of our people matter to us, their achievements reinforce PwC’s strength and presence in the region as the #1 professional services firm. We respect their aspirations and we are committed to their continued professional growth to become future influential role models to deliver on PwC’s purpose.

Career confident

75% of females in China and Hong Kong say employers that offer mobility opportunities are more attractive and similarly, 74% said it was a driving factor in keeping them with an employer.


PwC’s diversity and inclusion strategy is closely aligned with our business ambition. We believe that an inclusive climate will unleash the full potential of our people, therefore optimising the power of our collective workforce to innovate and to deliver distinctive experiences in everything we do for clients and ourselves.

A key area we focus on is enhancing organisational inclusion to create a workplace culture where diverse employees can feel safe to be their whole selves. The culture we desire is one in which our people can build relationships, share ideas and voice their perspectives constructively without judgement or bias. We believe cultural intelligence and dexterity are imperative business skills that will drive success in our interactions every day. Being open minded to views of the world with someone who thinks very different from us is a fundamental concept in our diversity and inclusion work.

Our inclusion work is primary to four strategic dimensions in support of PwC’s continued expansion in the region, including: Gender, valuing differences, generations and culture. We also appreciate diversity and inclusion in other expressions and the value they bring to PwC. We are committed to extending our coverage to support the professional growth of the widest range of talent.
Engagement and success

This year, our people have told us that they believe PwC is an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected and valued, scoring 78% up 2% y-o-y.

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