Summary of our performance in numbers

Explore PwC China and Hong Kong’s performance in three key areas: our workplace, community engagement and environmental stewardship.


Our workplace performance

Outlined below is a snapshot of our workplace performance in numbers.

Based on PwC China and Hong Kong’s FY17 Global People Survey results.  

Annual compliance confirmation

Our annual compliance remains at 100%

Our community performance 

Outlined below is a snapshot of our community performance in numbers



In FY17 we achieved a record number of volunteers, largely thanks to our One Step, One Dream charity walk. In total our volunteering hours increased by 32%, reaching 38,548 hours and our employee participation rate in increased to 39%. Making good progress towards our 2020 ambition of facilitating 50% of our people to participate in community activities. 

Charitable donations combined USD

PwC and its employees contributed USD 1.1 million in charitable donations which, while lower than previous years, was balanced by increased spend on pro bono/ discounted services, volunteering, and partnerships. 

Our environmental performance

Outlined below is a snapshot of our environmental performance in numbers


Energy consumption (electricity and heating)

In FY17 PwC increased its operations in China and Hong Kong, which led to a 8% increase in energy consumption. Click here to find out more about how we are working to managing our manage consumption.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Our total GHG emissions in FY17 was equivalent to 40,970 tCO2.

As part of an ongoing effort to make sure our GHG reporting processes remain relevant and true to our principles as set out in our “Greenhouse Gas Reporting Manual and Criteria”, some prior year data has been restated to more accurately reflect our environmental performance. Please refer to our GRI index for more details.

GHG emissions breakdown by scope

GHG emissions breakdown for major scope 3 emissions

The majority of our scope three emissions are linked to business air travel. We are currently assessing ways to responsibly manage these impacts. 

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