Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a critical starting point when it comes to strategy development, reporting and addressing stakeholders’ concerns.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement has evolved over time and in 2017 we obtained 3,441 responses to our online sustainability survey - making this our largest stakeholder engagement process yet.

We conducted the online survey to better understand how our stakeholders view important issues that impact the sustainability of our business. Our stakeholder list was developed based on the impacts of our business and individuals whom we believe could be reasonably expected to be interested in our activities. To help us review and interpret the results of the survey we also organised interviews and focus groups.

Breakdown of survey respondents of PwC China and Hong Kong's FY2017 stakeholder engagement survey

Stakeholder group FY2017 survey
(# of respondents)
Partners and staff 2,701
Clients 43
NGO's, not-for-profits, charities, community
organisation and social enterprises
Students, graduates and interns 414
Suppliers 89
Others 97
Partners and Staff
  • The Annual Global People Survey provides an opportunity for our employees to share their perspectives on PwC’s performance in various areas including community and environmental performance.
  • Our senior leadership and staff are regularly engaged in helping us define the direction and strategy of our Corporate Responsibility Programme.
  • Senior leadership also drives communications with our employees relating to volunteering, environmental awareness, our purpose and values, while also actively soliciting feedback.
  • Our CR team publishes monthly sustainability communications and campaigns to increase awareness and knowledge on sustainability-related topics amongst our people.


  • Through our work, we obtain feedback and insight from our clients on the sustainability opportunities and concerns they are currently facing.
  • We participate in industry and client forums where we share our experience and knowledge on responsible business, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.
  • PwC’s publishes reports and thought leadership on trends that are shaping our world, such as resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs and rapid urbanisation.
  • We conduct global research on company’s expectations of PwC and regularly monitor our brand health index.

For more information about how we engage with our stakeholders at a global level please visit our Global website. We continually review our stakeholder engagement process and will conduct another full stakeholder engagement exercise as part of our FY2019 reporting.

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