PwC Materiality Matrix

In 2017 we revisited our sustainability materiality matrix to make sure our approach to sustainability accurately reflects the interests of our priority stakeholders. The development of this matrix was based on survey results, interviews and desktop research.

The feedback we received from our staff, clients, students, not-for-profits, government, associations, suppliers, amongst others, were used to understand the importance of topics to our stakeholders.

The feedback from our partners and directors were used to understand the business perspective, which was then reviewed and validated with senior leadership and our Chairman. The final results are presented in the materiality matrix below.

PwC’s priority sustainability topics

Through our stakeholder engagement, materiality matrix and desktop research we identified ten priority sustainability topics for PwC to action. A brief overview of each of these topics are provided below.

For a breakdown of priority topics by stakeholder group, please refer to the GRI index.

Talent attraction & retention

As a professional services firm our people are considered our greatest asset. That’s why it’s important that we attract, develop, and retain the most talented employees. We do this by effectively managing our firm’s salary structure, offering continual learning opportunities and maximising employee satisfaction.

Find out more about our talent attraction & retention activities here and at our career website.

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Employee wellbeing, security and safety

By offering an inspiring and supportive work environment, it’s our hope that our employees are able to realise their full potential. We support them by providing tools and guidance on physical, mental, occupational and social wellbeing.

Find out more about our employee wellbeing activities and at our career website.

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Client & supplier satisfaction

Our clients and suppliers range from some of the world’s leading multinational companies to new and growing enterprises, from large family businesses and governments to NGOs and private individuals. We are committed to working closely with our clients and suppliers to meet their priorities and find the right solutions to the problems they face.

Find out more about our services and the industries we serve.

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Training & development

At PwC we offer our staff both technical and non-technical training programmes, along with many opportunities to apply and practise these skills in the workplace. Our employees also receive regular coaching and timely feedback to support their growth and development.

Find out more about training and development here and at our career website.


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Economic performance

As a business it is important that we continue to create economic value for our partners, staff, and other stakeholders. To achieve positive economic performance it’s important that we effectively respond to our stakeholder expectations and continue to offer high-quality services that help provide solutions to our client’s important problems.

Find out more about our global performance.


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Data security

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of information of our clients, our people, and others with whom we do business. An understanding of the importance of confidentiality and trust in one another helps us collaborate, innovate and succeed.

Find out more about our data security practices in our code of conduct

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Maintaining exceptional ethical standards

At PwC we place great emphasis on maintaining exceptional ethical standards. Acting with integrity and demonstrating the ethics we uphold as an organisation is critical to building trust, our reputation and sustained success.

Find out more about ethics and integrity at PwC in our code of conduct.


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Our people are passionate about getting involved in their local communities. We support them by coordinating or funding volunteering activities and offering 20 hours a year per person to volunteer during office hours.

Find out more about our volunteering and community activities here.

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Waste & recycling

At PwC we respect the environment and are committed to understanding and reducing our impacts. We are working to find new ways to be more efficient in our operations and responsibly disposing our waste.

Find out more about our electronic waste programme and environmental activities here.

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Diversity & inclusion

We believe our diversity and inclusion footprint allows us to bring a fresh perspective to our work, our people and our communities. We encourage diversity in our workforce, workplace and the wider marketplace.

Find out more about our diversity and inclusion strategy here.

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