Promoting wellbeing - looking after our people

Looking after of our people’s wellbeing is important to us because we know that when our teams live well, they work well. To do so, we invest in the following areas:

Physical wellbeing

  • Awareness – hosting health seminars to educate our employees on the benefits of physical wellbeing.
  • Prevention - sponsoring health check-ups, installing air filters in our major offices and offering preventative seasonal flu shots for our people.
  • Maintenance - encouraging our people to keep fit through our discounted gym memberships and to eat healthy through our regular nutritional tips.
  • Cure - providing our people with medical cover when they fall sick or need medical support.

Emotional & mental wellbeing

  • Awareness - educating our staff on the importance and benefits of being emotionally resilient, including, when, where and how to seek help through seminars and workshops.
  • Prevention & Maintenance - providing our people and their immediate family with free, 24/7, confidential professional counselling to support their emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Cure - sponsoring our people to seek medical support when they feel they need medical care.

Occupational wellbeing

  • Learning - PwC offers a comprehensive e-learning platform that not only provides training to expand and strengthen our employees’ day to day work skills but also covers areas of personal interest.
  • Development - fostering a culture where our people receive real-time coaching from people from all walks of life.
  • Recognition - nurturing a culture of recognition and appreciation through, amongst others, our “star programme”, whereby our people recognise each other for their effort and positive attitude towards work, clients and colleagues, and in particular for demonstrating PwC’s values.

Social wellbeing

  • Family fun - giving the chance to bring family to work is really appreciated. Family friendly events like “family day”, see our conference centres transformed into children’s playground, and our people can bring their children to work to enjoy an afternoon of fun, warmth and laughter.
  • Sporting activities - challenging our people to team up, compete, and have fun in both internal and external recreational activities, ranging from dragon boat racing, basketball, badminton, and football competitions, to free yoga classes.

Financial wellbeing

  • Discounts - offering our staff exclusive discounts to purchase various goods or services, ranging from discounted travel, to buying a cheaper coffee to keep you fuelled up in the morning.

On an annual basis we also ask our people how we are doing through our Global People Survey. The results of this survey help us monitor and manage our performance.

In FY18, 90% of our staff answered the survey. To give you a better idea of our performance this year, we have included some of the results of the survey throughout this website.

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