Encouraging diversity - our diversity and inclusion strategy

We believe our diversity and inclusion footprint allows us to bring a fresh perspective to our work, our people and our communities.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on three key areas: workforce, workplace and marketplace. To support the implementation of our strategy we track our performance and share these results with senior leadership annually.

Workforce – attracting and developing a diverse workforce

We continue to encourage our people to gain international experience and exposure to new cultures through our global mobility programme. International assignment helps accelerate their long-term professional growth and learn diverse skills. In FY18, 58% of new outbound assignees were female, while the figure for inbound was 45%.

Our advisory teams have also developed a mentorship programme to provide guidance and support to our high performing female talent. 

We have made efforts this year to hire people with disability by working with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, as well as training schools for people with disability. People with a disability play a role in administrative, human resource and learning and education functions across six of our China offices. We hope to expand this further.

Workplace - encouraging a respectful workplace that values differences

It is important that our people receive training and build awareness on these issues to drive change in diversity. The following two key programmes help us achieve this.

The #HeForShe campaign is a solidarity movement to advance gender equality led by the United Nations (UN). To increase awareness for this initiative PwC hosted an internal webcast across China and Hong Kong, with 300 colleagues joining to discuss the role of men in gender equality.

77% of our partners and staff agree that PwC is an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected and valued

                                                                                                             - Based on PwC China and Hong Kong’s FY18 Global People Survey results.

Following a top-down approach, we ran our own unconscious bias training for 53 key decision makers in the firm, as well as over 200 human capital colleagues. The training is designed to make individuals aware of the impact of bias on their relationships, acknowledge situations where they could be more open-minded and motivate them to take action.

We plan to continue to increase participation in these two programmes and incorporate new topics such as disability inclusion in our curriculum.

Marketplace – being a catalyst for change in the marketplace

Diversity and inclusion impacts everyone. That's why we want our programme to encourage thoughtful discussions in the wider marketplace.

We worked towards achieving this by helping to promote the #HeForShe campaign externally, with PwC volunteers participating in a 2016 ideathon hosted by a university HeForShe IMPACT10x10x10 Champion in Hong Kong and by co-sponsoring the first #HeForShe concert in Hong Kong, whose proceeds were used to fund gender equality research.

We lent our support to diversity events led by leading chambers, corporates and non-government organisations in Hong Kong. In Shanghai we jointly hosted a discussion with the UN to discuss the important fight against domestic violence.

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