Environmental awareness - facilitating meaningful interactions

A large part of our environmental stewardship programme involves engaging our employees and raising awareness on environmental issues, inspiring positive environmental action and facilitating meaningful interactions with the environment. Some of our most important projects and campaigns of FY2017 are covered below.

PwC Forest - engaging our employees

Over the past seven years, 5,499 employees have participated in PwC’s tree planting events. This fun and interactive activity allows our people to get outside, get their hands dirty and interact with nature.

In Shanghai on 25 March 2017, we hosted our 100th tree planting event. In recognition of our people’s efforts, and in celebration of this landmark achievement, PwC is matching our employees’ contribution through carbon credits. These credits will support a household biogas tank offset project in Yunnan, replacing firewood as their main source of energy. 

Hainan Reforestation Project - inspiring positive environmental action 

In 2014, Typhoon Rammasun destroyed vast areas in the Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve, a vital ecosystem to the rare Hainan Gibbon. To help grow the gibbon population and restore this critical habitat, in 2016 PwC launched the Hainan Reforestation Project.

As the sole sponsor of this project, PwC provided the necessary financial support to the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden and the Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve to plant over 9,400 trees, helping to restore the natural habitat.

To engage our employees in this initiative, we offered six volunteers the opportunity to travel to Hainan for three days to visit the reforestation project, learn more about the impacts of the typhoon, the reserve and gibbon conservation. 

“This was a great chance for me to learn more about gibbon protection and the Hainan reforestation project. More understanding, more attention, more action, large effects.”

- PwC volunteer.

To be selected as one of these six volunteers, our employees were challenged to demonstrate their commitment by organising an environmentally focused volunteering activity or promoting environmental friendly behaviours at work. Colleagues across China and Hong Kong then voted for their favourite projects, with the three winning projects being:

  • Roots and Shoots Up-cycle Workshop: organising a workshop for 20 staff and 20 students to learn about the 3R’s concept (reduce, reuse, recycle) and learn how to reuse discarded wood to make practical handicrafts.
  • OPCF Run for Survival: 43 PwC employees were engaged to participate in this fun, interactive run organised by the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong to raise awareness about marine conservation and the impacts of our plastic footprint.
  • Waste to Wallet: 30 employees took part in a lunchtime workshop to learn how to make wallets out of discarded coffee bags. This DIY activity encouraged employees to collaborate and look at waste in a new and creative way.

Green week, eco-markets and monthly environmental messages - environmental awareness and education

To increase environmental awareness and education, our annual Green Week ran a number of interactive activities, including quizzes, a webcast and daily communication from senior leadership to highlight the importance of climate change and its impacts. We also hosted eco-markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and continue to release monthly environmental awareness messages to inform our employees on a number of environmental topics ranging from sustainable food systems to green buildings.   

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