Air quality - adapting to our environment

As a professional services organisation, we’re not a significant contributor to air pollution compared to many other industries. However, many of our offices are located in major cities across China and Hong Kong that are often impacted by poor air quality.

As this poses a health risk to our people, it is important that we address this. Air filters are installed in our major offices across China and Hong Kong, which help to remove certain harmful contaminants from the air which could negatively impact people's health.

PwC green office buildings

For increased transparency, we are piloting the installation of air monitors in some of our newer offices. These monitors give our employees access to real-time data on the air quality both inside and outside our offices.

To help our people limit their exposure out of the office our We Care Committee helped coordinate discounts for all our employees across China interested in buying AQBlue high-quality face masks, making it easier and more accessible for our staff to protect themselves during their commute.

Finally, when government releases air quality warnings, we make sure to comply and encourage our staff to stay indoors and work from home. 

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