Helping to build public trust in the NGO sector

PwC China and Hong Kong is playing an important role in forging collaborations that build trust and enable NGOs to achieve greater impact.

Transparency and good governance are crucial for the development of trusted NGOs and social enterprises. We support local NGOs by providing our time, skills, expertise and resources through a range of capacity building opportunities.

A founding member of Evaluation Support Platform for Philanthropy

In April 2018, PwC together with eight other influential Chinese Foundations and private corporates launched the “Evaluation Support Platform for Philanthropy”, with the aim to develop the philanthropy sector by enacting and promoting evaluation standards, and cultivating professional evaluators.

PwC China is developing an internal control index system that can guide NGOs to check and improve their internal governance and risks. This system is expected to be launched later in 2019.

Hong Kong Community Connections Programme

The Community Connections Programme is co-organised with five other financial institutions to leverage shared resources for a greater impact. The programme serves as a bridge between the corporate and not-for-profit (NFP) sectors, connecting corporate employees with NFP organizations seeking directors, advisors, committee members or skilled volunteers.

In FY18, five introductory sessions engaged over 50 NFP and 100 corporate participants. To enhance the impact of the programme, directors training is provided to corporate employees to prepare them to take on a role with one of the NFP organizations. PwC also offered two pro bono training workshops for NFP participants covering strategic planning, impact measurement and communication.

Hong Kong Council of Social Services NGO Governance Platform project

PwC works with The Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) to promote good governance and accountability amongst the NGO sector at the board level. The project aims to provide support, knowledge and resources to help NGO boards fulfil their roles and responsibilities more effectively.

In FY18, our programme engaged with the boards of HKCSS member agencies, focusing on strategic and business planning to help achieve their mission and vision. Two pro bono workshops on strategy and business planning were delivered by PwC to 73 NGO board members from 24 HKCSS member agencies.

Six HKCSS member agencies were selected to join a six-month programme where PwC mentors supported with the development or the review of their strategic or business plans, at the agency-wide or service-specific level, based on their stated needs.

Subsidized, discounted and pro bono services

We take a strategic approach to our pro bono work, focusing on projects where we can put our unique skills and solutions to use helping NGOs and the communities they serve to reach their full potential. For example, we have delivered subsidised, discounted and pro bono services to assist NGOs with risk and internal controls, strategic planning, tax advice and other non-assurance related services.

Beyond its societal impact, our pro bono work and skills-based volunteering builds business acumen and broadens the professional development of our people who participate.


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