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Kennedy Liu, Assurance Partner, presenting at one of our NGO training sessions in Hong Kong.

Transparency and good governance are crucial for the development of trusted NGOs and social enterprises. In 2013 PwC launched its flagship NGO training programme - “Strengthening Donor Communications”. The focus of the programme is to leverage our people’s skills and expertise, with a focus on governance and transparency to help NGOs in China and Hong Kong develop in these areas, and build trust with their stakeholders.

Our programme is structured in two key phases: a free training seminar that outlines the basics of good governance and reporting; and, for a smaller number of participants, a four to six months mentorship, to explore in more depth the specific governance or transparency topics critical to each participating NGO. 

So what changed for the organisations we worked with? We’ve got two case studies for you here:

Charitable Choice

Charitable Choice’s mission is to provide unique, interactive and fun ways to encourage charitable giving and to demonstrate that small donations make a big impact on pressing social needs in Hong Kong. The primary focus of their mentorship was financial sustainability.

PwC’s mentors helped Charitable Choice identify key future income streams and the development of an updated outreach strategy. They were also supported in amending their branding strategy to better appeal to their target audience.

As part of this exercise, Charitable Choice was also encouraged by its mentors to reach out to its beneficiaries to better understand the impacts of the donations made through its platform. 

“Conveying this tangible impact to our donors really helps us fulfil our mission to demonstrate that small donations make a big impact on pressing social needs in Hong Kong.”

Cheryl Wilson, Founder and CEO, Charitable Choice.

Shanghai Cihui Foundation

Shanghai Cihui Foundation was launched in 2011 to “accompany growth, enlighten wisdom and make lives more colourful”. It aims to help underprivileged students, local elderly people with no extended families, and other disadvantaged people. 

They completed their mentorship programme in December 2016, focusing on enhancing transparency in financial management practice, good governance, as well as simplifying and standardising project procedures.

PwC’s mentors helped our Foundation to strengthen financial management standards, and improve our reimbursement process. New mobile office applications helped make our governance more standardised, management more efficient, and documentation practices more convenient

– Jian Huang, Secretary General, Shanghai Cihui Foundation.

To learn more about how we are evolving our work in transparency and NGO governance, read about our involvement in developing China’s first free transparency check tool for NGOs.

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