PwC’s transparency tool - China's first free self-evaluation system to support transparency in NGOs

Building on the success of our NGO training and mentorship programme, in December 2016, PwC launched China's first free self-evaluation transparency check tool. The development of the tool was a collaboration between PwC, China Philanthropy Research Institute and China Global Philanthropy Institute.

The tool works first by asking NGOs 57 questions to help them better understand the level of transparency of their reports and external communications, and then providing possible improvement opportunities and best practice.

The questions are based on relevant laws and regulations, including China’s latest Charity Law. Philanthropic organisations can refer to the quoted regulations when answering each question, and all content will be regularly updated to reflect relevant changes in policy. For each question, best practice examples from current Chinese Foundations are also presented, giving participants the opportunity to compare their responses to best in class.

There are also questions that can help organisations further enhance the readability and accessibility of their reports and external communications.

This self-evaluation is conducted anonymously, and no information of participating organisations is collected or recorded.

The transparency check tool is a natural transition to an online format of our Strengthening Donor Communications programme. It summarises the knowledge and experience gained over the past four years in good governance and transparency.

“The tool helps NGOs get a well-rounded assessment of their disclosures and is exactly what China’s NGO sector needs nowadays.”

Lu Yin, Information Manager, China Charity Alliance. 

Also available on the site is the publication, “Guide to Transparency for Philanthropy Organisations”, published by the China Philanthropy Research Institute and China Global Philanthropy Institute and funded by PwC.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tool, visit our transparency tool website here

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