Investing in children and youth - volunteering and contributing to the local community

Maximising the potential of children and youth is a key focus area of our community investment strategy. We assist by volunteering our time, providing financial donations and offering our services to charities at preferential rates.

Our people are passionate about getting involved in their local communities. We support them by coordinating or funding volunteering activities and offering 20 hours a year per person to volunteer during office hours. Our pro-bono and discounted services are key to driving change within NGOs and were highlighted by our NGO stakeholders as one of the most valued kinds of support. Financial donations allow us to give back to worthwhile projects in the community, and support NGOs solve important problems, too.

Outlined below is an overview of our strategic partnerships.


TREATS is a Hong Kong-based organisation that focuses on social inclusion and integration for all, especially children and youth. In FY17, PwC worked with Treats on their social inclusion programme and Project Shine.

The social inclusion programme helps break down social barriers, provide opportunities for integration, promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with different backgrounds and enhance team building, social and co-operation skills. 45 PwC volunteers participated in seven of these events that benefited 270 children and youth.

Project Shine is a job-based capacity building programme where PwC partners, directors and managers offer a mentorship and shadowing opportunity to youth from ethnic minority backgrounds in Hong Kong. Participants learn about interpersonal and communications skills, leadership, positive working attitudes and teamwork, problem solving, and gain a better understandings of Hong Kong’s business environment.

In FY17, 14 ethnic minority youth participated in Project Shine with PwC’s mentors volunteering 1,244 hrs of their time.

Vibrant Communities

Vibrant Communities work with migrant children and their families to break down barriers that deny migrants access to the wider opportunities and services of their cities.

In FY17 Vibrant Communities helped 2,117 migrant children and their families through their programmes and trips. Of these, 1,596 children and 361 parents took part in their 3 month programme that offers early childhood development support for children between 2-5 years old or after school classes and activities for 6-12-year-olds. Furthermore, 216 of their best-performing trainees were rewarded by after school trips to interesting locations. 

PwC supported Vibrant Communities’ activities through both financial support and over 1,100 volunteer hours  from our staff. 

Yao Foundation

Founded by famous Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, Yao Foundation helps bring the sporting spirit to underprivileged children in rural China.

In FY17, PwC and its employees supported the Yao Foundation by raising 431,822 RMB, predominantly through our one step, one dream charity walk and our stakeholder engagement process. In addition to this, 19 of our employees also volunteered 784 hrs of their time in support of Yao Foundation’s summer camp programme and school visits.

Click here to find out more about our one step, one dream charity walk.

Chunhui Children's Foundation

Chunhui Children aims to provide responsive care for children who, for whatever reason, have lost what should be every child’s birthright – someone who cares.

Chunhui Children exists to bring family love and care to China’s most vulnerable children. PwC’s financial support of Chunhui Children was used to run the foundation and to help raise funds for orphans. In addition to funding, PwC also provided pro bono services in internal controls and tax advice, as well as 46 volunteers to support their 2017 annual gala dinner. 

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