China’s Emissions Trading Scheme

Background on China’s Emissions Trading Scheme

In 2017 China rolled out the largest national emissions trading scheme. Its aim, to help reach the country’s ambitious emission reduction targets and encourage the development of clean technologies. In preparation, seven pilot projects were set up to test implementation approaches and identify best practice.

PwC’s role

To support this initiative, PwC in collaboration with a local training company, and with funding from the British Government’s Prosperity Fund, conducted a baseline assessment of existing training and capacity building programmes available locally.

PwC’s assessment of training and development requirements for China’s Emissions Trading Scheme

Baseline Assessment

Improvement Opportunities


  • There has been significant growth in both the number and type of training programmes available.
  • Many institutions have desiged their own material, covering a variety of training topics and formats, as well as the development of their own assessment mechanisms and competency certifications.


  • More people need to receive training to match the future demand for these skills, particularly in smaller cities.
  • The scheme could benefit from a more standardised and systematic approach to training, as well as the development of specialised training courses for specific industries.


  • Based on China’s unique circumstances PwC has identified core knowledge requirements, as well as developed answers to frequently asked questions to support existing training material.
  • PwC has designed two approaches to implement and manage a professional qualification system. These options reference best practice from the EU and U.K’s existing programmes and would help monitor and standardise training.

This research was shared with government and the general public in January 2017, with the intention of enhancing capacity building in China and supporting an orderly and successful implementation of the scheme, and PwC hopes to have a role supporting implementation of these recommendations.

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