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Our community engagement focus is on using our people’s professional skills to help NGOs or individuals. Our network purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems, and in Corporate Responsibility we have an ambition to help build a stronger NGO sector in China and Hong Kong by 2020.

Our flagship Strengthening Donor Communications programme is one of the key ways we seek to achieve our ambition, providing capacity building to NGOs in the areas of governance and reporting - skills which are core to our business, and critical for a resilient and trusted NGO sector. This programme brings together government departments, academia, non-profits and other responsible businesses to share knowledge and enhance the conversation on these issues.

We believe that having an understanding of good governance and transparent reporting, and being able to apply both of these, is key to building trust and strengthening donor communications to secure access to sustainable funding and partnerships.

In FY16, following the previous two years, PwC continued to deliver trainings and mentor programmes to NGO and Foundation leaders in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, focusing on the areas of management & risk control, impact measurement, as well as good governance and boards. These trainings aimed to raise NGO's awareness of the importance in how to manage and control risks, how to measure the impact of projects, and how an effective board should function, so they could better communicate their organisation operation with donors, stakeholders and the public in order to build trust and attract more sustainable funding.

FY 16 Training:

61 PwC volunteers,

250 NGO leaders trained,

250 volunteer hours
FY 16 Mentor Programme:

57 PwC mentors,

26 NGOs mentored,

481 hours
82% mentee NGO leaders said the training content is very useful to their NGOs

85% NGO leaders reported they used what they learned in the training and mentoring to positively impact their NGOs

PwC mentors were engaged, bringing positive business impact for the firm (increases in skills & networks reported)
In addition to the flagship strengthening Donor Communications programme, we also promote youth mentorship and capacity building programmes to our staff. We worked with ENACTUS in being the business advisor for university students on their social entrepreneur projects, and designed a work based capacity building programme for ethnic youth in Hong Kong with our charity partner TREATS.

TREATS – Capacity building and mentoring programme for Ethnic youth (Project SHINE)
TREATS – Capacity building and mentoring programme for Ethnic youth (Project SHINE)

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