Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series 

26 Aug 2014 Myanmar tax updates and recent tax developments in relation to the oil and gas sector
31 Jul 2014 China: Transition of business tax to value added tax - Impacts to retail & consumer industry
Jul 2014 Overview of the Indian Budget 2014 and the possible impacts to foreign investors and multinational companies
12 Jun 2014 Update on taxation developments in Indonesia
4 Jun 2014 The new China-Germany Tax Treaty has been signed - impacts for German investors
15 Apr 2014 Japan tax reform
3 Apr 2014 Enhancing supply chain efficiency through effective use of trade facilitation options
20 Feb 2014 Hong Kong's New Companies Ordinance – How will it affect an existing company
12 Feb 2014 Japan individual tax updates
19 Dec 2013 China’s Qualified Domestic Limited Partner programme (QDLP) – a way forward for international hedge funds
28 Nov 2013 Transfer pricing regional advance pricing agreements (APAs) update
21 Nov 2013 International assignment services - Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Myanmar
10 Oct 2013 Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone: Beyond the expectations?
26 Sep 2013 Key asset management business and tax updates - China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore
5 Sep 2013 Pharmaceutical and life sciences tax technical webcast: Tax issues, opportunities and challenges in China, India and Singapore

Sep 2014 Tax valuation advisory
Sep 2014 Korea update
Sep 2014 Asset management
Sep 2014 Malaysia update
Oct 2014 Regional transfer pricing
Oct 2014 South-East Asia update: Vietnam / Thailand / Singapore
Nov 2014 IAS update
Nov 2014 China year-end adjustments
Dec 2014 Private equity