Webcast: Enhancing supply chain efficiency through effective use of trade facilitation options 

3 Apr 2014 (Thu)
This webcast will be available until 2 Apr 2015

The agreement reached at the World Trade Organisation's ("WTO") 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali in December 2013, the so called "Bali Accord", put non-tariff barriers and trade facilitation back on the radar screen and agenda of many businesses. A 2013 PwC survey indicated that for customs and trade professionals in companies, enhancing supply chain efficiency is their number one priority, much more so than reducing customs duty costs. According to the report "Enabling Trade Valuing Growth Opportunities" published by the 2013 World Economic Forum, "Reducing Supply Chain barriers could increase GDP 6 times more than merely eliminating tariffs".

Recognising that the biggest barriers to cross-border trade in goods is delays at the border, the Bali Accord aims to enhance international trade by providing greater consistency and transparency in customs and border procedures. One of the items agreed in the Bali Accord to facilitate customs and border clearance is the recognition and expansion of trade facilitation measures under Authorised Economic Operator ("AEO") Programmes, by whatever name they may be known in a particular country. Seeing the importance of removing cross-border red tape measures, some countries have even been proactively seeking mutual recognition of AEO Programmes with their largest trading counterparts ahead of the Bali Accord.

Our webcast looked at existing and developing trade facilitation options around Asia, and what the Bali Accord explicitly or implicitly may mean for their current implementation and future enhancements. We also assessed how a company make best use of these options, and how to measure their benefit. After all, maintaining a competitive advantage over others in cross -border trade in goods in the future will likely be conditional on the effective use of them.


This is a 1 hour webcast including live Q&A session.

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Speakers: Frank Debets, Partner, PwC Singapore
Derek Lee, Partner, PwC Hong Kong


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