Archived webcast - Raising the sun: Solar investments in Japan 

15 May 2013 (Wed)
This webcast will be available until 14 May 2014.

Following the Mar 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Japan imposed significant limits on the nuclear power industry. To meet Japan's current and long term power needs, the Japanese government in the summer of 2012 introduced incentives to encourage the development of solar and other renewable energy sources.

As part of this plan, Japan introduced the highest feed-in tariff (FIT) in the world. The introduction of the FIT has proven highly successful in attracting investments, both Japanese and foreign, and in developing Japan's commercial solar market.

Japan is now in the midst of a solar boom. Many believe it will become one of the world’s leading markets in solar energy. The first mega solar projects have already been completed and many more are under development.

In the webcast, our speakers provided an update on the Japanese solar market, with a focus on the special tax incentives applicable to solar investments, and outlined the primary investment structures used in the market.

Archived webcast

There is 1 hour webcast including a live Q&A session.

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Speakers: Raymond Kahn, Partner, PwC Japan
Stuart Porter, Partner, PwC Japan


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