Archived webcast - Oil and gas landscape: Recent tax changes in Australia, Indonesia and Myanmar 

30 Apr 2013 (Tue)
This webcast will be available until 29 Apr 2014.

Australia, Indonesia and Myanmar are important upstream oil & gas nations in the Asia Pacific region with each different stages of development. Both Australia and Indonesia have had long and successful histories of oil and gas production whilst Myanmar has just opened its flood gates for foreign investors following the recent political reforms.

There is however a commonality amongst the three oil and gas producing nations - the ever changing tax environment.

In this webcast, our speakers provided an overview of the oil and gas landscape in Australia, Indonesia and Myanmar, as well as shared the recent tax and regulatory changes pertaining to the oil and gas sectors.

Archived webcast

There is 1 hour webcast including a live Q&A session.

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Speakers: Paul Cornelius, Partner, PwC Singapore
James O’Reilly, Partner, PwC Australia
Anthony Anderson, Partner, PwC Indonesia


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