Archived webcast: Japan individual tax updates 

12 Feb 2014 (Wed)
This webcast will be available until 11 Feb 2015

Our Japan tax partners covered a variety of topics including recent legislative changes in Japan individual income tax and inheritance and gift taxes and recent income tax audit activity.

In particular, they focused on the following topics:
  • New tax laws effective from the 2013 tax year (with a particular focus on the new overseas asset reporting requirement)
  • New Japan tax laws on the horizon affecting individuals in 2014 and beyond
  • A brief update on the 2014 Japan tax reform proposals
  • Recent tax audit activity

Archived webcast

This is a 1 hour webcast including live Q&A session.

Webcast link:

Speakers: Kojiro Endo, Partner, PwC Japan Tax
Marcus Wong, Partner, PwC Japan Tax
Ryo Uehara, Manager, PwC Japan Tax


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