Webcast: Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone - Beyond the expectations? 

10 Oct 2013 (Thu)
This webcast will be available until 9 Oct 2014

The establishment of new Free Trade Zone is always a significant economic and political development enabling corporations to benefit from new trade opportunities. When such development happens in China, this constitutes an unambiguous major trend to move forward to "an upgraded version of China's economy" and a new platform for more proactive opening-up change.

In this context, China's State Council approved the establishment of the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone ("Shanghai FTPZ"). Detailed guidelines have been released resulting in a new regulatory framework that will impact multinational companies active in international trade. Amongst others, Retail & Consumer and Financial Services players will certainly need to address new efforts to fully exploit benefits offered by the Shanghai FTPZ. Promotion of cross-border settlement of Yuan, expansion of the use of foreign currencies, investments and insurances are only some of the new opportunities.

Opportunities also mean new challenges! The Shanghai FTPZ creates expectations from the industry, as well as possible uncertainties. Alongside the road of the Shanghai FTPZ, foreign investors in China can question how the regulatory framework will look alike in the zone? What are the new challenges to address? How to benefit from the new policies? How the zone may impact my value chain processes and streamline the compliance burden? What are the key cost savings opportunities?

Participants on this webcast gained insight on the Shanghai FTPZ policy implications and how to plan and embrace new challenges and understand how to work with advisors to seize the potential opportunities from the Shanghai FTPZ.

Topics covered include:
  • Background of the Shanghai FTPZ
  • New policies and implications
  • Potential opportunities for doing business
  • Expectations and underlying action plan
  • Regulatory changes
  • Direct and indirect taxation consequences
  • Voices from industries base on real life experiences


This is a 1 hour webcast including live Q&A session.

Webcast link:

Speakers: Bill Yuan
Kenny Lam
Damon Paling
Moderator: Cindy Li


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