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Paul Qu

Paul has over 20-year experience in PRC business and tax advisory services for multinational companies in China and is a partner of PRC Tax Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers Beijing Office.  He regularly represents multinational clients in negotiation with the PRC tax authorities on tax positions and tax concessions.  Paul specialises in corporate tax planning, tax compliance, practical business solution, tax treaties and competent authority issues and handling of tax controversies in China with a focus on heavy machinery ("CIPS"), transportation, communication, construction & engineering services, nuclear power, power transmission, processing automation, aerospace, coal mining, foreign contracting business ("Permanent Establishment"), technology transfer, foreign exchange remittance issues, BOT projects and tax audit assistance and tax claim settlement, etc.  He has maintained extensive contacts with various Chinese tax authorities.
Paul used to work for another Big Four in Beijing and Chicago for 6 years.  Before this, Paul was a senior tax auditor at the Foreign Taxation Branch of the Beijing Municipal Tax Bureau for some 10 years.
While working at the Beijing Municipal Tax Bureau, Paul mainly involved with various tax task forces, such as tax examination with respect to taxation for technology transfer, foreign enterprises including foreign contracting business, Chinese import and export corporations, and foreign investment enterprises in Beijing, China during the 80s.
Paul is a PRC Registered Tax Specialist in Beijing.  He is a member of Beijing Association of PRC Registered Tax Specialist and a member of China Association of PRC Registered Tax Specialist.

Paul Qu
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