16th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the transportation and logistics industry 

Jun 2013

Dealing with disruption

Far-reaching changes are taking place, and they're taking place faster than ever. In this new era of 'stable instability', risks that once seemed improbable and even remote have become the norm and, for CEOs across the world, 'expect the unexpected' has become the mantra. The only solution is to build organisations that can thrive amidst disorder: organisations that are agile and adaptable, able to cope with disruption, and can emerge stronger than before.

We polled 1,330 CEOs in 68 countries, and talked face-to-face with another 33 CEOs, in our 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, to find out how they're creating resilient organisations that can flourish under stress. How are transportation & logistics CEOs in particular dealing with disruption?
  • Looking to growth regions like Southeast Asia and Africa
  • Improving operational efficiency, for example by cutting costs and outsourcing
  • Rethinking their risk strategies
This report is a summary of key findings in the transportation and logistics industry based on interviews with 109 transportation and logistics CEOs in 43 countries, as well as in-depth interviews with Dr. John Coustas, President & CEO, Danaos Corporation, Greece, and Aireen Omar, CEO, AirAsia Berhad, Malaysia.
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