Risk assurance publications

Aug 2017 How good is your Internal Audit function?
Aug 2017 Risk Bites - Issue 9 / Issue 8 / Issue 7 / Issue 6 / Issue 5 / Issue 4 / Issue 3 / Issue 2 / Issue 1
Aug 2017 Managing risk from the front line
Jun 2017 Board and Audit Committee Cyber security Update
Feb 2017 Governance - Senior Management Accountability
Feb 2017 Pricing and disclosure
Feb 2017 Investor suitability
Jan 2017 The China Cybersecurity Law has been finalised - is your organisation ready to comply with the new law?
Dec 2016 Cracking the corporate governance code - How ready are Hong Kong listed companies in meeting new requirements?
Dec 2016 Cyber Security — Guidance Note on Corporate Governance
Nov 2016 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017 - How organizations are adopting innovative safeguards to manage threats and achieve competitive advantages in a digital era
Nov 2016 CatchMe if you can within 24 hours
Oct 2016 The importance of having an effective resourcing solution for your internal audit function amid today's challenges - What suits you the best?
Oct 2016 Staying ahead of the curve - enterprise risk management
Oct 2016 Internal audit matters: Combined assurance - How do boards obtain comfort over controls governance?
Aug 2016 ATM Fraud: Do you know if your customer’s card data has been compromised?
Aug 2016 Cyber Fortification Initiative (CFI) - The new framework initiated by the HKMA : Are You Ready?
Jul 2016 New standard on revenue recognition - IFRS / HKFRS 15 + ASC topic 606
Apr 2016 Social media governance - Harnessing your social media opportunity
Mar 2016 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016 - Turnaround and transformation in cybersecurity
Oct 2015 Regulations for electronic trading - Are you meeting the expectations?
Sep 2015 Cyber security risk management
Sep 2015 Cyber Due Diligence - Uncovering the newest threats through your merger & acquisition activities
Sep 2015 PwC cyber readiness diagnostic
Sep 2015 The new cybersecurity law: Safeguard the sovereignty of China cyberspace
Sep 2015 New regulation on stored value facilities - Are you ready?
Sep 2015 Managing currency risk - What can be done to manage volatility?
Mar 2015 FATCA reporting service
Mar 2015 Foundation of data analytics - Is your data clean and conformed?
Jan 2015 Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report - What are the key changes?
Jan 2015 Cyber services - Managing cyber risk to realise your potential
Nov 2014 Building customer trust - A perspective on service organisation controls reporting options
Nov 2014 The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 - Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world
Nov 2014 Banks - Bring your own device (BYOD) & customer data protection - Are you ready?
Oct 2014 Creating confidence in culture and behaviours

Publications prior to 2014 have been archived.