The PwC mobile innovations forecast

Making sense of the rapid change in mobile innovation

Where will the disruptions in mobile innovation arise over the next five years?

How will they change consumer and employee behaviour?

What business opportunities will result?

What can companies do to take advantage of these disruptions?

How do they fit into broader market trends now driving the technology sector?

Answering these kinds of questions requires not just a keen understanding of the evolutionary curve of the enabling technologies, but a broader framework for analysing mobile innovation quantitatively and qualitatively. So with the goal of providing business leaders early warnings about coming disruptions and actionable intelligence about new opportunities, PwC introduces its Mobile Innovations Forecast (MIF), a three-part framework for analysing and understanding mobile innovation. The three parts are:

The three parts will be explored in periodic articles on this Web site in the months ahead. We expect that examining, analysing and forecasting mobile innovation along these lines will shed light on the interdependencies that are otherwise cloaked by the unorganised daily stream of innovation announcements.To measure the rate of improvement in key enabling technologies, Phase 1 of PwC's three-part Mobile Innovations Forecast framework, we developed the Mobile Technologies Index, a broad composite of seven enabling components that underlie the power of the mobile device to sense, analyse, store and connect information. The seven components are as follows:
* Not included in the index but a key enabler of mobile innovation

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