Hong Kong Tax News Flash


Jul 2017 Issue 9
The new Indonesian rules remove a major hurdle for Hong Kong tax residents to apply the HK-Indonesia tax treaty
Jul 2017 Issue 8
Implementing automatic exchange of financial account information in Hong Kong – The AEOI Portal
Jun 2017 Issue 7
Downward transfer pricing adjustment is only possible in the presence of a primary adjustment by a treaty partner
Jun 2017 Issue 6
Hong Kong reaffirming its stance against treaty abuse by being a signatory to the Multilateral Instrument
Jun 2017 Issue 5
Receipt for entering into a co-redevelopment of a piece of land is found to be revenue in nature
Mar 2017 Issue 4
Hong Kong ready for the buoyant aircraft leasing market with the new tax regime
Mar 2017 Issue 3
Hong Kong revises its strategy on implementing automatic exchange of financial account information
Jan 2017 Issue 2
The IRD commented on issues related to tax treaty application
Jan 2017 Issue 1
The IRD's latest comments on corporate amalgamation and other profits tax issues


Nov 2016 Issue 10
The HKSAR Government reveals plan for implementing BEPS measures in its consultation paper
Sep 2016 Issue 9
The IRD clarifies the operation of the tax regime on qualifying corporate treasury centres
Aug 2016 Issue 8
Trading profits found to be onshore in another Board of Review decision
Jul 2016 Issue 7
Hong Kong can now carry out international automatic exchange of information
Jun 2016 Issue 6
Extension of the valid period of a Hong Kong TRC for the Mainland-HK CDTA eases taxpayers' administrative burden
May 2016 Issue 5
Hong Kong is now in a competitive position for setting up a regional corporate treasury centre
May 2016 Issue 4
Hong Kong is embarking on the BEPS journey
Apr 2016 Issue 3
The Board held the trading profits are onshore despite little activities in Hong Kong
Mar 2016 Issue 2
Assessing practice on corporate amalgamations
Mar 2016 Issue 1
Sheng Kung Hui's enhancement activities do not constitute trading albeit there is no 'enhancement for realisation' principle


Dec 2015 Issue 12
The draft tax law on corporate treasury centre in Hong Kong
Dec 2015 Issue 11
New tax appeal procedures
Nov 2015 Issue 10
Understanding the IRD's views on emerging corporate tax issues, in particular the practice on processing Hong Kong tax resident certificate applications
Oct 2015 Issue 9
Applause for Hong Kong's removal from the EU's blacklist
Sep 2015 Issue 8
Challenges to Hong Kong tax residents under the new tax treaty benefit claim procedures in China
Jun 2015 Issue 7
Hong Kong is NOT a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction
Jun 2015 Issue 6
The court’s interpretation of the deeming provisions on taxation of royalties
May 2015 Issue 5
Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs
Apr 2015 Issue 4
Amendments to the China-HK double tax arrangement bring benefits as well as obligations to taxpayers
Jan 2015 Issue 3
"Substance" is needed for application of Hong Kong tax resident certificate
Jan 2015 Issue 2
Hong Kong concludes first bilateral advance pricing arrangement with Japan
Jan 2015 Issue 1
The IRD lost in the Aviation fuel supply case as a matter of procedural fairness


Nov 2014 Issue 14
The latest IRD's views on important tax treaty issues
Nov 2014 Issue 13
The latest IRD’s views on important profits tax issues
Oct 2014 Issue 12
OECD released the first batch of BEPS deliverables
Sep 2014 Issue 11
Enhancement of a capital asset for sale does not point to a trading intention, the court held in the Sheng Kung Hui case
Sep 2014 Issue 10
To align with the global trend - HKSAR Government supports the automatic exchange of information
Jul 2014 Issue 9
Hong Kong signed treaty with another major trading partner, Korea
Jun 2014 Issue 8
A global move to automatic exchange of financial account information
Jun 2014 Issue 7
Court clarified taxpayers' right to correct an assessment
Jun 2014 Issue 6
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect at a glance from a tax perspective
May 2014 Issue 5
Applying the attribution rules in Hong Kong tax context
Apr 2014 Issue 4
Hong Kong's first tax information exchange agreement was signed with the US
Apr 2014 Issue 3
No simple answer to the source of profits
Mar 2014 Issue 2
Fair value vs realisation basis - A choice for taxpayers for 2013/14 profits tax filing
Jan 2014 Issue 1
Pressure for Hong Kong to meet the international standard of greater tax transparency and more effective exchange of information remains


Dec 2013 Issue 14
Court-free amalgamation under the new Companies Ordinance: An opportunity for internal corporate restructuring
Nov 2013 Issue 13
The highest court held "unrealised profits are not taxable but unrealised losses may be deductible"
Nov 2013 Issue 12
The latest IRD’s views on important profits tax issues
Oct 2013 Issue 11
Easier to substantiate Hong Kong tax resident status under the HK-Mainland CDTA
Jul 2013 Issue 10
OECD takes action on BEPS; are you ready?
Jul 2013 Issue 9
Tax legislation promoting Islamic finance was enacted
Jul 2013 Issue 8
Green light to revamp Hong Kong’s information exchange regime
Jul 2013 Issue 7
The Board held discount on equity linked notes is not interest income
May 2013 Issue 6
Easier access to tax treaty benefits for Hong Kong companies receiving dividends from China
Apr 2013 Issue 5
A new chapter in tax information exchange in Hong Kong
Apr 2013 Issue 4
New standard for assessing Hong Kong tax resident status with the new application forms
Feb 2013 Issue 3
Possible removal from Italy’s blacklist after Hong Kong signed a treaty with the country
Jan 2013 Issue 2
Business arrangements need to be characterised in view of the proper context and commercial reality, the court held in the Aviation Fuel Supply case
Jan 2013 Issue 1
One step forward in developing Islamic finance in Hong Kong

Publications prior to Jan 2013 have been archived.