MoneyTree™ China renewable and cleantech investment report

Q1 2015

The “China renewable and cleantech investment report” for 2015 Q1, which was recently released by PwC, shows an increase in both M&A deals and values over the period. Deals were up 23.3% and total value up 18.4% compared to the same quarter in 2014. Bullish companies are expanding along their supply chains and increasing the overall size of their businesses through M&A activity.

Government policies brought positive benefits to the renewable and cleantech industry during Q1 2015. Various government departments issued policies in areas such as private investment in hrydropower, renovation of power systems, improving power station operations and clean energy capacity. All of these reflect the government's attention to innovation in financing and investment, as well as in the regeneration of the power industry. It is also keen to provide a better policy environment for the development of hrydro, wind, solar and other clean energies and technologies.