Asia-Pacific health industries newsletter

Apr 2015

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments

PwC's Global Health Industries network is pleased to present you with its 13th issue of the Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter.

In this edition we highlight a number of recent developments that are of direct interest to Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences companies and healthcare organisations including:
  • An introductory overview of Taiwan's health industries
  • Focus on hospital market update in the Asia- Pacific region
  • Our project in Australia to support Fred-Hollows Foundation to eliminate avoidable blindness
  • The trend of transparency anti-bribery and corruption across the pharmaceutical industries in Asia
  • People & organisation developments across different areas, including data analytics to predict attrition rate in Japan and talent management in Singapore
  • Recent taxation proposals in Japan and Singapore
  • Latest developments in Pricing and Reimbursement to cover both pharmaceutical and/ or hospital services in Australia, China, India, and Singapore