17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the transportation and logistics industry

Feb 2014

In PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey we set out to uncover how CEOs are searching for growth in a still-challenging environment. We surveyed 1,344 business leaders across 68 countries around the world, in the last quarter of 2013, and conducted further in-depth interviews with 34 CEOs.

CEOs are more positive about the state of the global economy than they were last year. They think three fundamental external forces will have the most impact on their businesses over the next five years: technological advances, demographic changes and global economic shifts. There will be many new opportunities for growth – and many new challenges – in three key areas: harnessing technology to create value in totally new ways; capitalising on demographic shifts to develop tomorrow’s workforce; and serving consumers in a new economic landscape.

This report takes a closer look at responses from transportation and logistics (T&L) CEOs. We surveyed 101 sector leaders in 43 countries and conducted in-depth interviews with two sector CEOs including:
  • Brian Molefe, Group Chief Executive of Transnet SOL Ltd, South Africa;
  • Angeliki Frangou, Chairman and CEO of Navios Group of companies.
Key findings:
  • T&L CEOs are still cautious. 45% of T&L CEOs believe the economy will improve.
  • T&L CEOs are targeting CEE, Latin America and Africa for next year’s M&A activities, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  • T&L CEOs continue to worry about high or volatile energy costs.
  • T&L CEOs overwhelmingly agree they’ll need to change their talent strategies to cope with future trends.
  • 88% of T&L CEOs agree it’s important to measure and reduce their environmental footprint.
Please also visit our global website to check out the Data Explorer where you can look at results by sector or by territory online. All in-depth CEO interviews are also available.