Global entertainment and media outlook: 2015-2019

One comparable online source of consumer and advertising spending

Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending their money in the entertainment and media industry can help inform many important business decisions. But being able to find comparable data, for multiple entertainment and media segments and countries and from a single source, can be a challenge.

PwC’s annual Global entertainment and media outlook (Outlook) provides a single comparable source of five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertising spending data and commentary, for 13 entertainment and media segments, across 54 countries.

Cross-segment insights at a glance

  • Mobile monetisation is the next critical challenge.
  • TV and video consumption patterns are changing.
  • Measurement is getting better, but understanding how media is consumed will remain a significant challenge.
  • Connected devices open up new video opportunities—and challenges.
  • OTT services are familiarising users in some markets with a video consumption experience free from advertising.
  • The rise of over-the-top (OTT) video services is slowly changing the shape of advertising.
  • Social/casual gaming revenue will exceed traditional gaming revenue in nine markets by 2019.
  • Electronic consumer books revenue will see strongest growth in countries with high tablet penetration.
  • Major cities will be the most lucrative markets for DOOH advertising.
  • The notion of the public licence fee is under unprecedented pressure.

Outlook features and functionality

At a click of a button, whether you are on a PC or tablet, you can ....
  • Compare consumer and advertising spend data for 13 entertainment and media segments across 54 countries
  • Compare digital and non-digital spend data across segments and countries
  • See year-on-year growth with five-year forecast and five-year historical spend data
  • Read further analysis and commentary on spend data at a global, regional, country and segment level
  • Download country and segment data and commentary to PDF
…and dig a little deeper

  • Build bespoke data selections, save for future use, and export to Excel and PDF
  • Create customised bar charts, pie charts and line graphs instantly, and export for use in reports and presentations
  • View data in 51 currencies

Segments covered by the Outlook

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